about us


Nano Pouyesh Kimiya Co. (NPK) as a manufacturer & trading company founded in 2009 is engaged in production, R&D, marketing, technical services and commercial activities. So far, by producing and supplying various types of catalysts, additives and raw materials used in petrochemical, masterbatch, compound, tiles and ceramics, adhesives and resins industries and providing technical and engineering services (including development, production, supply and replacement of catalysts under the license of European companies) and trade (with Representation of reputable European, Turkish, Korean and Chinese companies) continues to operate.

The company for using and efficiency of the best technical results, has cooperated with domestic research institutes such as Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology and foreign research institutes such as Shanghai Research Institute Chemical Industry in China.

With supplying of PE & PP catalysts as main activity, NPK has solved technological problems with substituting the European companies licensed catalysts with the equivalent ones in petrochemical plants.

The first phase of the company's activity in the field of production, has been the establishment of factory for production of catalyst for application of 1-butane plant under brand name NPK T-1253 in Iran. This factory with a production capacity of 200 MT/Y is located in Eyvanekey Industiral Area in Semnan province. At present, this company is a supplier of catalysts for Lorestan, Mahabad, Jam, Amirkabir and Shazand petrochemical companies.

The second phase of the company's activity is in the field of extraction of precious metals from used catalysts in the oil, gas, petrochemical and automotive industries.

The third phase of the company is the production of new catalysts in cooperation with Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran, in which a research contract is concluded and is underway.

NPK Co. has a great technological and commercial relationship with Iranian Petrochemicals. We have supplied equipment, catalysts, additives, solvents and peroxides for different industrial such as petrochemical, oil, gas, masterbatch and compound, tiles, ceramics, adhesives and resins from Euroup, Japan, Korea, China, India, etc.

We also have exported polymers, ferroalloys and metals to foreign countries such as China, Turkey and India.

In order to implement management systems, Nano Pouyesh Kimiya Co. has established the ISO 9001:2015 standard in the form of an integrated management system (IMS).