Submitted by safari on Sat, 09/25/2021 - 12:01

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nano Pouyesh Kimiya Co., Mr. Assali announced holding of the first joint meeting with Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran to review two important production projects in the country.

He explained that the subject of the joint meeting with Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran was to review two priority projects in the field of chemical industries.

He also mentioned one of these two projects has been the needs of Nano Pouyesh Kimiya Co. which has already been announced to the research center and the other has been the production of a high-consumption material especially for advanced industries which has been mentioned and proposed by the research center.

He clarified: in the mentioned meeting which was held under the title of reviewing two practical projects, issues such as infrastructures, technical issues, study of market needs and consumption and future prospects of these projects were discussed.

Mr. Masoumi, Secretary General of the R&D Society of Iranian Industries and Mines evaluated this joint meeting of the two groups, an important step towards optimal and effective utilization of the scientific and research capabilities of research center to meet needs and priorities of the country. He said: in case of designing and implementing appropriate platforms for the connection of the scientific part of the country with the productive and industrial parts like this MOU between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran and Nano Pouyesh Kimiya Co., many of the country's problems such as sanctions and difficult economic conditions will be easily overcome. He also invited other member companies of the society as well as other manufacturing and industrial companies in the country, through the society to establish communication with universities and research centers.

In this regard, Mr. Halvagar, Research Vice Chancellor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran said: this research center has extensive plans to transfer knowledge and technology to the industry and invite all industrial units of the country to cooperate in the production of new and priority products of the country as well as improving the quality of their existing products. He expressed hope that holding such meetings could bring results and achievements for greater prosperity and progress of the country.