Flame retardant agent


Flame retardant agent function

Flame retardants (FR) are chemical compounds added with an objective to inhibit/retard the ignition/burning of the plastic. PC Flame Retardant Agent, a kind of white powder, is an additive specially used for PC resins. The main component is organic fluorine derivatives without bromine and chlorine elements.

Usage: 0.1-0.5%


 Applications:Image removed.

  • PC film and sheet
  • PC injection parts
  • Headlight
  • PC electric fittings
  • PC modified materials
  • PC compounding



  • Environmental safety, No Br, Cl, P containing
  • Low level addition 600-1000ppm, high flame retardance efficiency
  • Minimum resin physical and optical property impact
  • Excellent thermal resistance




Grade Name
Lanpoly FR1200